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Creating music with a Country & Americana tilt somehow allows me to express exactly how I feel about real-life emotions, life events & fictional stories. At heart, I think I'm just an old fashioned singer & songwriter.


Tommy Winn

Tommy Winn is an independent singer & songwriter based in Norfolk in the UK. 
He released his first original material in January 2021 but has been a professional musician since 2002. Tommy has gigged extensively across the UK as well as occasional performances across the shores. 

​Tommy has had a number of releases appear in the top 5 on the the ITunes download charts & his songs have been heard on BBC Radio, Absolute Radio Country & Chris Country, as well as well many other fantastic independent stations. 

Up until last year the music world looked very different for Tommy as he travelled from one venue to another working in the corporate & function industry as a solo artist, as well as fronting various professional function bands. 

Country music and the broader Americana genre has been in Tommy's heart ever since he can remember but this kind of music was never something he felt able to properly explore on 'the covers' side of the industry. 

In 2018 however, Tommy had a light switch moment when he discovered the Texas-based band 'Midland'.

All of sudden Tommy discovered that the music that was truly in his heart, was still professionally marketable in the 21st century. 

Soon after Tommy started posting some videos on Instagram of him performing songs he had always wanted to and was noticed by social media outlet UK Country News, who seeing his passion for the genre asked him to join the team to cover two Country Music events in 2019.

One was the Buckle & Boots Festival in Manchester & the other was the Country to Country Festival at the 02 in London. 

What Tommy realised at these events was not only was this genre still incredibly popular in the USA, but there was also a huge fanbase and desire for it in the UK.

Tommy had some big plans to fully launch his original music career in 2020 but like the rest of the world, this was put on hold. During the pandemic however Tommy made the biggest decision of his professional career, and that was to stop promoting himself on the function side of the industry and focus fully on being an original singer and songwriter. 

In Tommy's own words....

The next stage of my musical journey is pretty uncharted at the moment. A line from my track The Dreamer gives me confidence, however...

'Mountain Peaks Are Just A State Of Mind'

My overriding feeling is one of huge excitement & freedom to be the artist I have always wanted to be and write the music which is in my heart.