One man, one guitar and heaps of passion for a band that Tommy Winn calls the BEST BAND IN HISTORY!

During this 90 minute solo tribute show Tommy will sing and play hit after hit including TAKE IT EASY, PEACEFUL EASY FEELING, HOTEL CALIFORNIA, ONE OF THESE NIGHTS and many many more!

With state of the art theatre quality backing tracks providing musical accompaniment, the show will certainly have the musical force and sound of a full band despite only Tommy appearing on stage!



Eclectic and passionate, Tommy Winn certainly won us over with the opening night of his solo Eagles Tribute show.

​Obviously a dedicated fan, Tommy inspires with his knowledge of The Eagle’s respectable back catalogue, tackling some of the band’s earlier repertoire with gusto before moving on to well received classics. Tommy’s honorary tribute of course featured the hits: ‘Hotel California’ and ‘One of These Nights’ to name a few.

But the real charm of Tommy’s performance comes from the inclusion of his personal favorites, singling him out as a life-long fan as he took us through a musical journey of the band’s history.

​Obviously a musician for many years, Tommy’s voice soared as he belted out number after number in what can only be called a must see for any Eagles fan.
​A real joy and inspiration to watch.

Darren Kirby, Technical Coordinator at the Seagull Theatre
Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK

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