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Whilst I encourage the listener to define which music genre my original music falls under, I feel it mostly falls under the Country, Americana & Folk genre.

Below are 4 songs I have released. 


In 2018 the highly acclaimed TED Talks came to my home City of Norwich and I was given the amazing opportunity by TedXNorwichED to perform two of my original songs live in front of an audience of 500 and over 10,000 people streaming live across the world. At the time of my performance the event was trending 2nd on Twitter under the hashtag #DreamBig 


Since singing professionally I had always been a covers singer but everything changed in February 2018 when 'the writing spark' finally ignited. I had just finished watching a video on Youtube when a suggested video to watch popped up. It was a music video for a song called ‘Make A Little’ by a band I had never, until that point, heard of called ‘Midland.’ I was instantly intrigued and watched the video. My mind was blown! Here were 3 young, cool looking guys (Midland), looking and sounding like nothing I had heard in a long time, dressed in the most amazing suits singing a song that didn't necessarily fit into the mainstream market, but was still a success. If they can be successful doing it in their unique way, why not try it my way as I did! 

I am a member of the British Country Music Association & The Americana Music association UK. 

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